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 The Jungle Book Part 1 Summer's Coming  

Part 1

"Summer's Coming,  "said badshah. He stated it like a fact. Like always, Badshah seemed to know everything.


Since I didn't have fur like my wolf siblings, liked to curl up with them. Their fur kept me warm.
Although Badshah had just announced  summer, I could still feel a chill. " Summer's coming, "Badshah stated again.

I knew that it was unless challenging him, but out of habit, I did. " How do you know?"

"Look-- the river is higher, Mowgli."
We liked coming to the nearby river. I looked at it.
It seemed quite the same to me. I asked, "  Is it really higher?"

"Of course!" said Badshah

"How can you tell?" I was insistent

There are more twigs, grass, and look--- there's a branch floating on the water."

It was true. But how did it mean summer was coming? I still didn't understand
Funwale mogli❤

Uma's eyes twinkled, seeing my confusion. "It means." She explained patiently, "that snow is beginning to melt up in the mountains. Then picks up loose twigs and leaves from the bank. Get it?" She stopped for a breath

Surya yawned and said, "Relax," but the dried branch was floating tantalisingly close. It looked like it was worth retrieving. A dried branch was great for a game like tug-of-war  or hide-and-seek. It was good to chew on, too, And anyway, I wasn't in the mood to relax.

I ran up to the riverbank and pushed off, frog-like, straight into the river. "Ahhhh" It was freeeeeezing. Colder than I'd ever remembered it. Ha! Summer indeed!

Taking me by surprise, my siblings jumped in smack onto my head, dunking me into the frigid waters again. By the time I came sputtering up, the branch had floated away.

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